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Regional News
For general news on Japan, Vietnam and Turkey and by region, please see our NEWS PAGE that is updated daily.

Asiaweek. News of the region. CNN also has a Web site focusing on Asia.

The Washington Post: good source for news and articles on Vietnam.

Vietnam News Agency Recent, government, and business news on Vietnam.

San Jose Mercury News: another good source.

Timeout: latest happenings around town by the Vietnam Investment Review

Room to Read: Good works in Asia.

Travel Health & Medicine

MD Travel Health. Comprehensive travel health information, "updated daily."

Travel Health Online. Travel medicine, country profiles, health concerns.

AEA/SOS Country Health Guides (Vietnam and Turkey)

Centers for Disease Control. Government general info on travel health and status of countries.

World Health Organization. Health information by destination.

International Society of Travel Medicine. Travel medicine resources. Adventure and Travel medicine resources and info.

The Mountaineers (Great books!). Travel medicine and travelogues.

U.S. Department of State. Country by country travel information.

Vietnam Resources

Indochina Travel Company: organizes other custom (non-cycling) tours and services in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam Visa Application (80K Adobe PDF file) and instructions (also in PDF format).

Start here — the seasonal weather pattern in Vietnam: When to travel!

New York Times Destination Guide: Vietnam

Pacific News Service: Public radio and Web forum for topics on Vietnam and Asia with author Andrew Lam and KQED host Nguyen Qui Duc.

Saigon Times Daily News. Breaking news on Vietnam from Saigon.

Travel Fish: An online travel guide to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand - make your own guidebook online.

Michel Laliberte's 2004 solo bicycling trip down the coast of Vietnam.

Bicycling in Vietnam? Check out cyclist/traveler Mike Buckley's Guidebook on Vietnam.

Lonely Planet. Worldwide travel information by Lonely Planet. Check out impressive culinary title by Sterling, NYT food critic (free if you join one of our tours!).

Pete Peterson: Assignment Hanoi. 2002 PBS documentary.

Vietnam Online - Current information about Vietnam: business, travel, and culture.

The official Website for tourism in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

3dAtlas. Maps and other information on Vietnam.

Vietnam Art Books. Many contemporary books.

ITMB Publishing. Our favorite Vietnam map maker.

Images of Hanoi - Dedicated to Vietnam's capital city.

US Embassy in Hanoi's Information Site.

Embassy of Vietnam (Washington D.C.). Vietnam Visa and other official information.

Vietnam Consulate, San Francisco (415) 922-1707. Visas issued here too.

VietnamNow. Practical information for the independent traveler.

Yahoo: Vietnam. Vietnam-related links.

Vietnam Adventures. Travel stories, airline and hotel information..

Jan Dodd on Vietnam. Vietnam guidebook writer's Web site.

Cycling the Mekong Delta with Mr. Pumpy! A cycling travelogue on the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Rough Guides: Vietnam Info. Another guidebook co's online resource to Vietnam.

Peter Geiser's Internet Travel Guide on Vietnam is an extensive resource.

Vietnam Airlines Home Page. Vietnam Airlines: routing and schedules.

Lunar New Year Dates (schedule airlines carefully!) and Chinese zodiac animals at

Ticketplanet: deals on multiple destination tickets to Asia.

Our Photos and Stories on Vietnam are here.

Travel Intelligence: travel writers post their stories, including several on Vietnam.

Microsoft Encarta on Vietnam.

An extensive list of travelogues and links on Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia can be found on George Moore's site.

Cambodia Resources

eVisa! Apply for your Cambodian visa online.

Andy Brouwer's Cambodia Tales. Cambodia travelogues and other information. 

Other information on Angkor Wat. Travel information on Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Rich Garella's advice and information from living four years in Cambodia.

Mr. Pumpy: Adventure travel: to bike or not to bike? Extensive information on Cambodia.


Our annual two-week tour along the Turquiose Coast. For any serious touring cyclist -- not to be missed.

Lonely Planet on Turkey. All about Turkey. The best guidebook they publish.

Travel Turkey Website. Talking Turkey. General travel info on Turkey.

US Embassy of Turkey official site with tourism info.

US State Department Consular Information Sheet

Turkey: An Independent Travel Guide


Bicycling Japan.The Japan Cycling Navigator.

Cycling in Japan info by

Other Asia

Bicycling Southeast Asia:
Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia & Laos with Mr. Pumpy!

Bike Tales from Asia: Bicycling Thailand, Japan, Korea, Bali, Malaysia, Vietnam and other. 

Extensive info on biking Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China with Trackster Man.

The Karakorum Highway: very detailed Web site David Leatham.

Cycling around the world, including Thailand, Indonesia, India and Myanmar by Paul Roekel.

Hong Kong by Doug Fleming. Where to rent, buy and bicycle in Hong Kong.

Bali tour by bike. A bike tour of Bali by J. Gaerlan, 

Jan Boonstra's Cycling Pages. Bicycling across Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and other.

Korea: Mountain Biking by Steve Danyo. Current info (2001) on going off road in Korea.

Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan): Travelogue and tips by Bob Egan.

Nepal: Travelogue of cycling across Nepal by Staurt Lundy.

China: Practical notes and Journal by Patrick Jennings.

Sumatra: Our cycling itinerary of Indonesia's lost frontier and one for Turkey as well.

Bali Cycling Federation.

Visual bicycle trips through Sumatra, Nepal and other.

Other Cycling Links & Resources

VeloNews Racing Journal, Cycle Sport Magazine, and Cycling News. - Wow, over 3,000 journals and 350,000 photos by cyclists! Crazy!

Family cycling resources and inspiration at The Family Adventure Project.

Nasim Yousef and Jafar Edrisi of Iran biking around teh world 2008-9. We've always wanted to organize a trip there, maybe we'll meet up sometime.

Cycling travelogues: dozens on Karl Brodowsky's site.

Traffic, the bane of cyclists everywhere: car busters.

San Francisco BIke Coalition's interesting links page.

Traveling with a bike? Start here: George Farnworth's extensive info on traveling with your bicycle.

Thoughtful essays, all somehow related to cycling at

C.H.U.N.K. 666 — yes, those two-wheeling scoundrels in Portland are still at it. Behold their past missions.

Cyclotour Guidebooks on how to pack your bike for trains, buses, airlines with rates and more.

Campaign for a Landmine Free World. Educating the public on the landmine problem in Cambodia and the world.

Jhai Foundation. Non-profit working on education, economic development, health, and technology projects in Southeast Asia, including pedal-powered Internet access PCs.

Off-road Adventures: Accounts of the world's best off-road rides.

Lisle: Intercultural travel programs.

Earthwatch Institute conservation fieldwork travel programs.

Bicycling-related Usenet newsgroups are listed here.

Extensive bicycling news, links, media, etc. at

Adventure Cyclist Web site: Touring info and travelogues.

Cicli Conti — our amicos in Florence, Italy. Chao Christina!

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (Tour de France winner's cancer fund site).

International Bicycle Fund (Non-profit bicycle tours in Africa, Cuba, and other country info).

Extensive bicycle touring information and magazine from Adventure Cycling in Missoula.

Henry "Enduro" Kingman's epic-ride Website at (yes, that's a 1,000-mile ride in Northern California) and his incredible Paris-Brest-Paris race account.

Bicycle Travel Tales. Bicycling travelogues from around the world.

European Racing News from Euro Cycling News.

Cycling Hall of Fame. Bios and birthdays!

The Trento Bike Pages: The resource for bicycle touring and recreational mountain biking in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Seventeen best bike rides in Europe (and more).

Cyclotouriste High Priest: Jobst Brandt's Tour of the Alps Collection.

Super Mario Mario Cipollini wins four straight at the Tour de France, 1999. Update: World Champion 2002!

Cheryl's Bicycle Touring information site.

Cycling Events in USA/Canada at

Our favorite Bike Shop Above Category (Mill Valley). Get fitted for your LandShark here.

Massage Workshops for tired cyclists and others in Hawaii & California by Nicolay Kreidler.


Astute Vietnamese film analysis and opinion at the Bright Lights Film Journal, edited by Gary Morris.

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Vietnam Embassies WORLDWIDE

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Vietnam Visa Instructions (PDF)

Vietnam Visa Instructions (official)

Vietnam Embassy, Washington
Tel: (202) 861-0737

Vietnam Consulate, San Francisco
Open 8:30-12:30 Only
Visa US$65 - ~1 day turnaround

Vietnam Embassy, Canada
Tel: (613) 236-0772

Vietnam Visa Service (private)

Vietnam Embassy Bangkok
82/1 Wireless Road
Tel: 251-7202

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Malaria: Medical Aspects

Malaria: For the Traveler

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Travel Health Online

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